PTA Policy

OCS PTA Policy

The purpose of the PTA is to provide a link and support system to the education and auxiliary programs of OCS, while increasing communication between parents, teachers, students, and administration. The PTA also provides social, financial, and on-site help where needed.


  • To enhance community spirit in a Christ-centered way
  • To provide services and programs in support of scholastic pursuits and extracurricular activities that impact the majority of the student population
  • To provide a forum for exchange of ideas between, parents, teachers, students, and the OCS administration
  • To be advocates for our children
  • To provide support and encouragement to the Board and OCS staff (not a forum for criticism or conflict resolution)
  • To assist with fundraising for school classrooms and programs

The PTA functions as a parent-based information resource that works in consultation with the principal, teachers, and students to perform the following functions:

  • Promote communication
  • Provide venues for the expression of views and ideas of general interest for parents, faculty, and students
  • Liaise with the Board, principal, and teachers
  • Helps in the classroom, at the teachers’ request
  • Plan and organize socials and fundraisers
  • Participate as advisors/chaperones on class trips
  • Give parent input to administration
  • Liaise with school families
  • Welcome newcomers
  • Support families in need through volunteering time and emotional support
  • Help wherever needed

PTA Membership
Every OCS parent/guardian is eligible to be a member of the PTA, as well as current administrators, teachers, and staff members. Eligibility for membership continues for parents as long as their child is enrolled at OCS. Membership for administrators, teachers, and staff members is allowable while they are employed at OCS.


  • The President is responsible for calling monthly meetings for the Executive Board and bimonthly PTA meetings, and, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, setting the agendas for both. The Treasurer drafts the program budget for the year. S/he coordinates with each of the Chairs of the Committees to provide support and guidance where required and report back to the board on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) updates. Working with the PTA Secretary and OCS Administration, the President submits for circulation a PTA welcome pack and letter and an end of year up-date letter to the parent community. The President coordinates with the Class Parent Representative and presents to new families prior to the start of the school year. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • The Vice-President assists the President as above and assumes Presidential responsibilities during the absence of the President. The VP is responsible for updating the website and other marketing/communication tools. The VP is responsible for coordinating the Welcome Tea and end of year “thank you” event.
  • The Secretary manages the correspondence of the PTA and is responsible for keeping accurate minutes at PTA meetings. S/he is also responsible for the PTA Contact Directory. S/he coordinates with the VP to publish the minutes and newsletter on the PTA website. S/he ensures all SOP documents and job descriptions are up to date.
  • The Treasurer keeps careful accounts of the PTA funds and submits a report at each PTA meeting. S/he, together with the President, drafts the PTA budget for the year and indicates projects that have been forwarded for consideration for PTA funding.

The Past President is solely a mentoring and advisory role and is not required to attend all meetings. In instances of a split decision of the Executive Board, the Past President will be requested to attend a meeting to discuss the dispute and counsel will be requested to ensure a majority vote.

No individual may hold two offices simultaneously.

There are six standing committees of the PTA – Fun Fair, Christmas Event Committee, Class Representative Committee, Used Uniform Committee, Appreciation Committee, and Lunch Committee. Chairs of the committees shall be appointed by the PTA Executive Board before the beginning of the new academic year.

  • The Fun Fair Chairperson and committee is responsible for organizing a social event during the school year. A budget is given by the PTA Treasurer to host the event. The Chair coordinates all volunteer, suppliers, and logistics to ensure a successful day. A SOP document is provided by the President as guidance and will be reviewed and adapted on an annual basis, based on past experiences.
  • The Christmas Event Chairperson and committee is responsible for hosting and coordinating an event for students. A budget is provided by the PTA treasurer, while an SOP document is provided by the President and will be reviewed and adapted on an annual basis based on past experience.
  • The PTA Class Parent Representative and committee (made up of a parent representative from each class) is responsible for the coordination of parent volunteers to assist teachers and PTA events including but not limited to, pizza lunch, Founder’s day, and Teacher Appreciation day.
  • The Used Uniform Chair and committee is responsible for advertising, receiving, selling, and marketing items of used uniforms from the school body at different events and times in the school year. The committee also liaises with the Librarian to ensure coordination for all book fairs.
  • The Appreciation Chair is responsible for, through various event committees, Founder’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Pizza Days. The appreciation Chair assists OCS staff with Grandparents Day and Pastors’ Lunch. S/he is given event budgets by the Treasurer and SOP documents by the President to ensure smooth running of all events. Each event SOP is reviewed and updated with the President on an annual basis, based on experience.
  • Lunch Chair coordinates a weekly pizza program. This entails sending out forms, data inputting, organizing volunteers to distribute to classes, and liaising with Grade 8 class as a fundraiser for end of year graduation.

Budget year
The PTA fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Funds are derived from fundraising efforts, donations, and/or gifts.

The budget for each new school year is completed and approved in collaboration by the outgoing/incoming Board at the transitional meeting each June. This allows for funds to be made available for projects and events prior to the start of the new school year. If the PTA has no designated President and Treasurer for the coming school year and the positions have not yet been filled by invitation, the outgoing officers prepare and complete the budget. This provides consistency and ensures that a budget is ready for the upcoming school year. The PTA budget is approved by the PTA membership.

Disbursements are made for budgeted purposes only.
PTA members may not make commitments for the expenditure of PTA funds for any purpose that has not been approved by the PTA membership during the budget process.
The Treasurer and President, acting on behalf of the PTA, cosigns all disbursements.


  • Bi-monthly meetings as determined by executive committee, and official minutes and financial statements are kept
  • Invitations to meetings with proposed meeting agenda are sent out to every parent two weeks prior
  • Accounts are kept and monies allotted to different projects. For reimbursement of money, the President, Treasurer, and Secretary must give approval. There must be two different signing officers assigned to sign checks. One of these must be faculty staff.
  • Miscellaneous expenses incurred over and above budget allocations for events or general items must not exceed $100 without prior approval.
  • Events and programs are planned by Executive Board and presented to the larger group to deliberate and vote on by an agreed quorum.

A quorum for voting purposes exists when 15 members are present. At Executive committee meetings, a quorum (75%) of its members must be present to take formal action. A simple majority vote of those present prevails. In a split vote, the Past President has the deciding vote. If necessary, a vote may be taken by email or telephone, in which case the Secretary polls the members and files the results of the vote with the minutes of the PTA Board.

Board Expectations
The PTA Board is responsible to the Principal. Minutes of each meeting are kept and made available upon the request of a parent, teacher, or committee member.

Code of Conduct
There is an expectation of mutual respect and cordiality during meetings. Suggestions are welcome from all members, orally or in writing.

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