PTA Job Descriptions

PTA Committee

This year, the roles of PTA President and Vice President will be shared between two members of the executive. Take a look at the roles and responsibilities required in our various leadership positions. If you are interested in learning more, and believe you can help, please contact us at

Oakville Christian School

PTA President

  • Responsible for calling monthly meetings for the Executive Board and bi-
    monthly PTA meetings, and, in conjunction with the Executive Committee,
    setting the agendas for both
  • In June, working with the Treasurer, s/he shall draft the program budget for
    the year
  • Working with the PTA Secretary and OCS Administration, the President shall
    submit for circulation, a PTA welcome pack and letter and an end-of-year
    update letter to the parent community
  • Coordinate with the Class Parent Representative and present to all new
    families prior to the start of the school year
  • Liaise with OCS Administration regarding school initiatives and PTA
  • Ensure all core values and ideals are upheld within all PTA events

PTA Vice-President

  • Assist the President and assume Presidential responsibilities during the absence of the President
  • Responsible for updating the website and other marketing/communication tools
  • Responsible for coordinating the Welcome Tea and end-of-year “thank you” event
  • Coordinate with the Chairs of the Committee’s to provide support and guidance where required and report back to the board on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) updates

PTA Treasurer

  • Handle all money received from PTA events, Fun Fair, Christmas Event, Used Uniform, Pizza, PTA donations
  • Deposit all monies received from above events at the bank
  • Reconcile statement/deposits/disbursements
  • Create spreadsheet of attendance for Fun Fair
  • Create revenue/expense reports for each major event
  • Create summary revenue/expense report of all events at end of year
  • Write cheques for event expenses, including Teacher Appreciation, Pastor’s Lunch, Grandparents Day, Christmas Event, Fun Fair, library draws, etc.
  • Keep all receipts for expenses paid
  • Attend monthly PTA meetings
  • Liaise with PTA chair and co-chair
  • Provide updates on finances to date when needed
  • Provide floats for events when needed
  • Disburse 10% of PTA donations received to Service Council
  • Liaise with Business Office

PTA Secretary

  • Manage the correspondence of the PTA through email and front office enquiries
  • Keep accurate minutes of all PTA meetings
  • Responsible for the PTA Contact Directory
  • Create a monthly newsletter of PTA activities
  • Coordinate with the Vice President to publish agendas, minutes, and newsletter on the PTA website and in school newsletter
  • Ensure all SOP documents and job descriptions are up to date
  • Work with Fun Fair Committee Chair to co-ordinate volunteer requirements for event day

PTA Class Representative

  • Liaise and communicate between class parents and PTA
  • Design and provide PTA-approved standardized documentation, including letters for class parents to distribute within individual grades
  • Work with academic staff at the beginning of school year to ensure a class parent is chosen to coordinate any parental volunteering needs of the teacher
  • Hold a class parent meeting in September to establish expectations and guidelines for the year
  • Liaise with class parent to get an email distribution list for individual grades within the first few weeks of term
  • Communicate all PTA volunteer requirements to the parental body through standardized communication through the class parent
  • Organize all Christmas and end-of-year gift envelopes for auxiliary and office staff and communicate with the Executive board if extra donations are required
  • Organize a thank you event for class parents at the end of the school year

Used Uniform Committee Chair

  • Scheduling requests for donations and sales dates
  • Communicating with the front office, who send out either specific emails or notes in the weekly newsletter to request donations and promote upcoming sales
  • Sort through donations, hang or store as appropriate, and label sizes where possible
  • Review price list as required, and ensure the front office always has an up-to-date copy
  • Ensuring uniform is on display when required and returned to the PTA closet afterwards. It needs to be accessible in the closet, as parents sometimes need to buy items at short notice.
  • Organizing volunteers to help with sorting clothes and on some sale dates (stall not always manned when an honesty box is provided)
  • Communicating with the treasurer of the PTA to ensure a float is available at sales, and handling funds at sale
  • Have a copy of the uniform policy available (inside the children’s agenda) to answer questions
  • Respond to occasional requests from the office to meet new parents with uniform needs

Key Dates:

Several donations arrive at the beginning of the school year, and they need to be organized for sale in the first couple of weeks. This is the busiest time. The used uniform sales are a significant fundraiser for the PTA and a big part of any PTA event. It is a good opportunity for parents to stock up on winter uniforms, which come into effect after Thanksgiving. Requests go out in the first newsletter. It is also a good idea to email the parents of the graduated grade 8 students.

Parents’ evening in November
The two rails of clothes are wheeled up to the foyer by the front office on Thursday afternoon and returned to the closet prior to school starting the following Monday morning. An honesty box is left out.

It’s a good idea to have a sale during the week before the school switches to summer uniform (early May). Start requesting donations two weeks earlier.

Early June
Collecting and organizing donations at the end of the school year is very helpful to new parents coming for orientation during the summer holiday. The clothes can stand in the gym over the summer. The office will coordinate the honesty box.

Fun Fair Committee Chair

  • Organize the school Fun Fair and adhere to budget set by PTA treasurer
  • With the help of the secretary, Fun Fair Operations Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator, recruit a committee and volunteers to ensure a smooth event
  • Sell tickets and raise funds on day of the event to ensure it breaks even
  • SOP document available on ideas from previous year
  • This should be viewed as a community event and not a fundraiser

Fun Fair Operations Coordinator

  • Liaise with Fun Fair Chair to book all vendors for the day
  • Provide front office with order forms to be distributed to families
  • Work with Fun Fair Chair to determine price of tickets for food and games
  • Create posters and all signage required for the day
  • Collate all order form numbers and work with Executive Class parent representative to ensure all families within the school are aware of the event
  • Day before event, work with rest of committee to collate all wristband and food requirements
  • Work with Fun Fair Chair to ensure all supplies are purchased and “stations” have required equipment for day
  • On day of event, arrive as part of set-up crew and oversee volunteers to ensure “set up” is completed efficiently
  • Be on hand throughout day of event to “fire fight” any problems as they arise
  • Role is approximately 16 hours prior to the event plus eight hours on the day of the event.
  • Responsibilities include customer service, organization, and a proactive approach

Fun Fair Volunteer Coordinator

  • Liaise with Vice Chair of Operations to ensure the required volunteer numbers are fulfilled for the event (approximately 50 volunteer spots over a three-hour period)
  • Work with Executive Class Representative to coordinate with Class Representative for volunteers from each class
  • Set up Volunteer Spot to allow parents/high school students to sign up
  • Contact high school students (OCS Alumni) and recruit them to volunteer
  • Devise working schedule of volunteers for day of event
  • Ensure communication of volunteer requirements is understood by all volunteers
  • Ensure smooth “handovers” between volunteers occurs on the day
    “fire fight” on day of event to resolve unforeseen issues that occur
  • Communicate concerns about volunteer issues to Fair Committee Chair for solution and resolution
  • Complete paperwork needed for Student volunteer hours
  • Role is approximately 16 hours of work prior to Fair, plus six hours on the day of the event.
  • Responsibilities are mainly completed via phone or email, but some face-to-face contact is required on day of event.

Lunch Committee Chair

  • Send out pizza order form to the parents, with assistance from the front office (1/2 hour)
  • Pass dates to PTA Secretary for PTA website calendar
  • Compile all orders and enter orders in the pizza master spreadsheet (three hours).
  • Forward money collected to Treasurer
  • Submit order sheet to pizza supplier once a term or when needed
  • The above is done three times per year
  • Organize volunteers from the parent body to sort the pizza by class on every other Monday (1/2 hour)
  • Organize volunteers to sort pizza every other Monday (1/2 hour).
  • Purchase napkins and gloves when needed

Christmas Event Committee Chair

  • Organize a committee of volunteers to complete shopping and facilitate activities on day of the event
  • With the Form coordinator, track all purchases and ensure shopping is completed three weeks prior to the event
  • Organize three key committee meetings
  • Develop minutes for each of the key meetings
  • Take the lead in organizing day of:
  • Ensure sufficient volunteers utilizing
  • In collaboration with school administration, organize a schedule for event day
  • Thursday afternoon before event organize, gym setup
  • Ensure adequate tags, wrapping paper, and bags for event

Appreciation Committee Chair

  • To oversee and organize sub committee’s for Grandparents Day, Founder’s Day, Pastor’s Lunch, and Teacher Appreciation
  • Find subcommittee chairs for each of the events
  • Liaise with Executive Committee to highlight success and concerns regarding the events
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure budgets are maintained
  • Guide subcommittees with relevant historic information, ie: Grandparents Day is a school event run by Mrs. Peeler, head of subcommittee should be a Grade 4 parent, and Pastor’s Lunch is usually organized by Parents who Pray
  • Develop any new ideas to enhance both the student and teacher experience
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