COVID Awareness

During these unprecedented times, we are thankful for the means that allow us to move forward one day at a time with our common goal of “Nurturing excellence in a Christ-centred academic environment.”

OCS and COVID-19 Management

The opportunity to make changes and pivot on a dime during any crisis is one of the many advantages of choosing private education. When you remove the bureaucracy and red tape, the focus remains on what is best for our school community.

We began our journey in March of 2020. The day after everyone returned from March Break and without any warning, our staff was up and running with an online program that kept our students moving forward with structure and academic content to successfully complete the school year.

Internally, we took full advantage of students working from home and implemented the changes needed to be ready for our children to return to a safe, clean, and stable environment. Respecting the needs of our staff, students, and families was a priority.

Let the Changes Begin!

The available space in our facility allowed us to repurpose rooms and make additional classrooms, creating smaller student cohorts. Protocols such as masks, hand hygiene, additional hand-washing stations, and signage were immediately put in place. Water fountains were removed and replaced with water bottle filling stations. Floors were scrubbed, waxed, and polished. AC and ventilation systems were inspected, cleaned, and upgraded to new government standards. We changed from one main entrance to using seven designated points of entry upon morning arrival, all with hand sanitizer stations. Students re-entering the building after recess breaks have access to hand sanitizer at each entrance.

Keeping it Clean

OCS is blessed to have several acres of land. Our beautiful grounds are used as outdoor classrooms, for physical education, and for recess breaks. We have a custodial staff that cleans and sanitizes the inside of the building before, during, and after school.

To find out how the ONTARIO government is responding to COVID-19 click here. This page is updated daily and contains links to other sources of Covid-related information.

To visit the HALTON HEALTH page containing the latest updates from Halton Region Medical Officer of Health, click here.

For the daily Covid-19 School and Child Care Screening tool click here

Our staff had some fun making this video to remind students of our new way of life at OCS:


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