Edvance Christian Schools Association

Oakville Christian School is fully accredited by the Edvance Christian Schools Association and the Oakville Independent Schools Association (OIS). These organizations require member schools to meet rigorous standards.

The following excerpt has been taken from the Edvance website:

Fostering excellence in Christian elementary and secondary schools.
For everyone involved in Christian education — whether principals and school administrators, teachers, or board members — there’s a mutual desire to articulate, build, and reinforce the strength, goodness, and contribution of Christian schools. Leaders in Christian education desire to be part of a larger community of inspirational principals, professional educators, high-performing boards, and achieving schools where mutual support and encouragement can be found, and opportunities for collaboration and encounter with best practices are the norm.

In the fall of 2015, the boards of three former associations — the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, Edifide, and the Ontario Christian School Administrators Association — got together. The histories and achievements of the organizations were recognized, as were the silos and areas of overlap. The members of these three organizations voted to dissolve and a new education leadership organization would be formed.

Edvance, the new industry association for Christian education, is the result. It is founded on the strong legacies of these three associations and is oriented to serving the issues common to all schools in the Christian education sector.

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